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Unlock the Journey of Faith: The Beginners Guide For Christianity II Bundle

This online summit is a gateway for those seeking to deepen their understanding of their faith, strengthen their relationship with God, and learn the essentials of Christian living.


Transform Your Spiritual Journey Today

Dive deep into the heart of faith with our exclusive offer: the "Beginners Guide to Christianity II" bundle. This specially curated package is perfect for anyone on the path to discovering the richness of Christian faith, whether you're taking your first steps or seeking to deepen your existing relationship with God.

Why Choose This Bundle?

  • Comprehensive Learning: Gain lifetime access to all 29 enlightening summit videos. Each session is designed to guide you through the foundational aspects of Christianity, from understanding core principles to enhancing your personal relationship with God.

  • Reflective Journaling: Accompanying the video series is a beautifully designed journal. This isn't just any journal—it's a companion that invites you to engage actively with the teachings. It includes all scriptures and references mentioned by our speakers, providing a space for your thoughts, reflections, and prayers.

  • For Everyone: Whether you're new to Christianity or looking to deepen your faith, this bundle offers valuable insights and teachings that resonate with every step of the spiritual journey.


What You Get:

  • Lifetime Access to Summit Videos: Watch and re-watch the powerful talks and teachings by our lineup of dynamic speakers at your own pace.

  • A Guide for Reflection: The "Beginners Guide to Christianity II" journal, is designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with the teachings.

Special Offer: Just $49

Embrace this unique opportunity to enrich your faith, understand the Bible more deeply, and grow closer to God. This bundle is more than just a product—it's a gateway to a more profound spiritual life.

Don't Miss Out: Start your journey today, and let the "Beginners Guide to Christianity II" bundle be your guide to a more fulfilling faith experience.

Beginners Guide for Christianity Spring Summit

Beginners Guide for Christianity Spring Summit
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Beginners Guide To Christianity 2024 Spring Summit - Andrea C Scott
Beginners Guide To Christianity 2024 Spring Summit - Valarie Grimes
Beginners Guide To Christianity 2024 Spring Summit - Temia Gardner

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Host: Lisa Keeton

Lisa Keeton, a USAF veteran and native of Pontiac, Michigan, served in the military before earning a Business degree from San Diego State University. With over 30 years in computer programming, she now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband Reggie, celebrating a blended family of five children and eight grandchildren. Lisa leads the evangelism ministry at her church, where her passion for Bible study has grown. Her writing journey, inspired during the COVID pandemic, led to a devotional book, reflecting her deepened engagement with the Word of God.

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