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Beginners Guide for Christianity Summit 
Guest Speakers

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Dr. Sharon Arrindell

Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Dr. Sharon Arrindell (AKA Dr. Sharon), a native of Jamaica West Indies, is the President/CEO of “Inspired Wholeness Enterprise”, the umbrella for Inspired Wholeness School; Wholeness Counseling and Coaching Service; and Inspired Wholeness Ministries. She is a member of Global Women Speakers and speaks virtual or in person. She has spoken in the US, the Caribbean, Paris, Spain, and Pakistan. She has authored eight books including her #1 bestseller Armored and Victorious, the sequel to her first biographical piece, Weapons for Victory. She has been featured in several magazines including New York Weekly. Her faith based relationship building counseling service offers pre-marriage, marriage, and divorce care services. She also established a coaching program for single women: The Waiting Room: WAIT for the Dream, and a program for couples called PUSH Beyond Silent Suffering in Christian Marriage. Dr. Sharon created an online course for church leaders, utilizing one of her books “The Shepherd’s Call” and she is in the process of creating other courses to establish her online school. She holds a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management; a Master of Science in Counseling; and dual Doctorates in Biblical Counseling, and Education Leadership. She is married to her dream guy Keith and combined they have five children and ten grandchildren. Visit her at or

Dr. Sharon Arrindell

Emra Smith

Emra Smith, is a Hope Warrior, bringing Hope and healing to the brokenhearted, stressed, and weary. She opens doors for women, girls, and like-minded men, through coaching and teaching emotional, mental, and physical health and wellness. Facilitating transformation, teaching how to confidently create a strong future, one story at a time. She is the CEO and Founder of the Hope Doll Project, The International School of Story, the HiStory Gallery, and co-founder of Marigold Press Books. Emra is passionate about helping all find and use their VOICE, for good and for God. The result is gaining hope, clarity, passion, power, and action steps for the future. Including writing that book! Emra is an author of numerous books, ghostwriter, speaker, life coach, and corporate trainer. She loves life, her hubby, their furry kids, two daughters and two grandchildren, and her bonus kids! All are gathered in her warm embrace as Umama Wathemba (Mother of Hope).

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Facebook: International School of Story;

IG - @marigoldpressbooks

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Emra Smith

Civilla Morgan

Civilla Morgan has a wide-ranging background, including hospitality, healthcare, and financial services. She was a stockbroker for several years and loves to discuss the markets and market strategies. Civilla has a Master’s degree in Management, with a concentration in Marketing, and currently works as a licensed insurance agent. She was born on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, and raised in New England–Massachusetts and Connecticut. She likes to say she has two hometowns! Civilla says that despite her experiences, she believes she has found her calling in her podcast, Childless not by Choice. For the last eight years, she has been encouraging childless not by choice women and men globally, to realize that they can live relevant and joyful lives. Civilla says she does not have much time to relax. But when she does the beach, any beach, is her happy place!

Civilla Morgan

Jana Smith

Jana Smith writes end-times Christian fiction with a hint of romance, for women of all ages. She hopes her books inspire her readers to grow their faith, to believe they are special with a divine purpose, and that there is hope for the future. Jana has had stories rumbling around in her head from her earliest memory. Stories that were first ignited by her grandmother’s bedtime tales and later nurtured by her active imagination. Her love of God’s word and interest in Biblical End times theology has led her to write a series of fictional stories dealing with this subject. Jana worked in medical research and has a BSc and a Master’s degree. Now, she focuses much of her time on writing, but when not writing she is an avid amateur photographer and loves to knit for her children and grandchildren. Jana lives with her husband in South-Western Ontario, in the home her father built. It is a place of peace and serenity, a place of reflection and contemplation. A place where stories are born and released to a life of their own.





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Jana Smith
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