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Beginners Guide for Christianity Summit 
Guest Speakers

Ammie Dover.jpg

Ammie Dover

On April 5th, Ammie found herself in the position of caregiver to a newly diagnosed cancer patient, her husband, Jose. She remembers the day very well. Jose was sitting on the side of his hospital bed with the doctor standing in front of him and a nurse standing between the doctor and me. The moment the words came out of the doctor’s mouth, Jose went blank. It was just like you see in the movies. He literally remembers nothing else after the word cancer.


Follow parts of their journey on

@caregivercancer on Facebook and Twitter


Clestine Herbert

Clestine I. Herbert, known as Clestine the Purpose Coach, wakes up each morning with a passion for helping women of God in business around the world to identify their genius, develop a success mindset, and build a purpose-driven business. It's been said when she speaks that her energy is infectious, and her words seem to speak life into your soul and empower you to be more!


She is an International Speaker, Business Transformation Coach, and Certified Personal Development and Leadership Coach. She is also an Author of Knuggets of Knowledge to Get Unstuck and The Art of Convincing Yourself (both on Amazon)


She has run a quarter of a million-dollar nonprofit organization and took it from almost closing to thriving again.


Clestine has been interviewed on international TV, radio, and in magazines. She has developed several mindset success management tools and composed several proprietary business-building programs including the Souled Out Method™ and the Godsperity System, a program that supported one of her clients to increase her income in 12 months by 306%. 


She has founded a business networking group for women and sits on several boards including Feed our Children and the Walters Academy of Youth Entrepreneurs. You can hire Clestine or find out more about her at,

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Courtney Stich

Hello! I’m Courtney!


I’m a homeschooling mama, a wife, and a one-time educator turned entrepreneur. I’m obsessed with helping online businesses explode their website traffic and leads with strategic Pinterest marketing! 


From growing a strong organic presence to creating explosive ad campaigns,  I’m an expert at helping businesses harness the power of Pinterest to grow their brands beyond the plateau of other social media platforms. 


Beyond Pinterest, I’m also a biz coach and digital product creator who loves helping online business owners create and achieve their goals with creative content, digital products, and strategies that will help them to realize their business goals for years and years to come. 


Looking for gobs of website traffic and leads?
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Find out more about Courtney at 

Pinterest Group

Pinterest: @csidecreatives, Instagram: @csidecreatives, Facebook Group: Pin Perfect Pinterest Strategy


Danielle Strickland

Danielle let's love lead her to inspire, challenge, provoke, and disrupt the present, and to live in the future now. Having lived in different cultures and contexts around the world she celebrates diversity and deeply longs for wrong things to be made right. Danielle practices following Jesus daily. This pursuit has led to exciting entrepreneurial exploits (like co-founding multiple charities and nonprofits) and a whole host of failures (that we don’t as often talk about). All of this has convinced her of the deep need we all have for hope, faith, and love. Her deepest longing is to demonstrate what living that boundless life looks like.


Danielle has written six books (the latest is The Other Side of Hope), has a podcast called The Right Side Up (which recently celebrated half a million downloads), and speaks to people at events all over the world. Danielle leads Boundless Communications Inc. which launches creative exploits like Women Speakers Collective (liberating voices of women around the globe), IMBY (a tiny home movement IN MY BACKYARD), Brave Global (preventing human 

trafficking), Infinitum (a way of living deeply), and Hagar’s Voice (support and advocacy for survivors of abuse). 


Danielle lives in Vancouver, Canada with her three sons and husband Steve. Danielle loves getting outside, doing new things, physical adventures, and she can’t seem to turn down a free lunch.


Find out more about Danielle at

Instagram: @daniellejstrickland

Twitter: @djstrickland

Facebook: /DanielleJStrickland

Podcast: Right Side Up with Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland.jpg

Bishop Ervin A Jones III

Bishop Ervin A. Jones III serves as the leader of Restoration at Life Changing Ministries, where he shares his wisdom and guidance. He recently initiated EAJ3 Enterprise, a movement dedicated to promoting conscious living and the enjoyment of life. Through this enterprise, he emphasizes the importance of self-care and soul care, integrating music, laughter, and biblical truths to foster a healing and non-judgmental environment. EAJ3 Enterprise offers a range of services, including memberships, events, interactive guides, and merchandise, all aimed at enriching the journey of life.

For more information, visit the EAJ3 Enterprise LLC website:


Jolisha Edwards

Hi, I am Jolisha

I’m the most serious person you will ever meet and the most fun. I think I balance it well.

I am in the people business as a Certified Coach Practitioner @Graced Journey Coaching, Founder and Caregiver @Graced Journey Cares, Creator, Visionary, iWriter, Editor, Speaker, Facilitator; overall Mother Hustling Mama of 3 beautiful boys, and a Mother to many...


I look forward to connecting, collaborating, learning, and supporting.

Find out more about Jolisha at

Jolisha Edwards_edited.jpg
Jolisha Edwards
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Martha Fry

Martha Fry is a Christian Weight Loss Coach focusing on Biblical principles for a mind-body transformation. She is also a teaching pastor at HopeFront Church, and the author of Moving Forward; Letting Go of Stuff That Will Kill You.


Martha is on a mission to empower Christian Women over 40 on their journey toward health, not only physically but spiritually.


She is an enthusiastic go-getter who finds joy in making things happen while embracing the beauty of life.


She loves Jesus, her husband Matt, kids, family, church, having FUN, working out, all things healthy and nutritious, travel, good music, and a good book, but she finds the most joy in helping others.


Find out more about Martha at

Martha Fry

Rachel Ngom

Rachel Ngom is the host of the She’s Making an Impact Podcast. She guides Christian entrepreneurs on the journey of creating generational wealth so they can create the life they want with their family, and create the most impact in the world without sacrificing what’s important to them.


She encourages Christian entrepreneurs to incorporate faith and business. They don't need to be separate =)


Rachel has lived in Kenya and Senegal, got married in Morocco, and spent 2 years in France. 


Find out more about Rachel at,,

Rachel Ngom.jpg
Rachel Ngom
Rick Coram.jpg

Evangelist Rick Coram

Hi, I'm Rick Coram, a full-time vocational Evangelist at Rick Coram Ministries, Inc. 


For the past 36 years, the ministry has averaged 45 Revival/Crusade meetings a year. The ministry holds two conferences during the summer months.


The PowerLife Student Camp started in 1989 for one week with 125 participants. Since 1996, it has grown to two weeks, with over 1,200 attending yearly. Student lives are changed, and souls are won for Christ each year.


The PowerLife Adult Bible Conference started in 1989 with 65 and has grown to over 450 in attendance in recent years.

Find out more about Rick at

Rick Coram

Sharon Jenkins

Sharon C. Jenkins, The Master Communicator, stands at the intersection of writing and entrepreneurship, offering a unique blend of skills that sets her apart as an authorpreneur. Serving as the Inspirational Principal at The Master Communicator’s Writing Services, she provides writing and coaching expertise to small businesses, nonprofits, and fellow authors. With a diverse professional background, from editing for a minority-owned communications firm to senior publishing consultancy, Sharon has become a best-selling and award-winning author herself, earning the moniker of a "literary midwife" for her role in guiding numerous authors through the publishing journey.


Starting as a poet and evolving into a playwright, Sharon's solo projects include impactful titles such as "Beyond the Closet Door," "Christ’s Rescue from Abuse," and "Authorpreneurship: The Business Start-Up Manual for Authors." Her recent releases, "Are You a Super Author?" and "You Can Be a Super Author Too!," compile stories from seasoned authorpreneurs, offering valuable insights for aspiring writers entering the business.


Beyond her writing, Sharon has been featured on esteemed platforms like Huffington Post and The Good Men Project. Her podcast, Luminance, sheds light on individuals making positive contributions to the world. As a board member of Brilliant Women in Film, she collaborated on the mini-documentary "The Birthing of a Book Baby."


Believing authors to be intellectual stars, trailblazers, and true superheroes, Sharon continues to make a mark in the literary world. Currently pursuing a doctorate in Communications at Regent University, she remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring writers.


Find out more about Sharon at

Facebook: Business:



Sharon Jenkins.jpg
Sharon Jenkins
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Shawana Boyer

Meet Shawana Boyer, a dynamic force juggling the roles of a devoted mother, wife, and full-time entrepreneur, now carving her path as a Licensed Real Estate Agent. With an incredible 20-year legacy as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, Shawana proudly owns SynSha’ Fashions, an online boutique fusing fashion expertise with a spiritual foundation, championing the holistic well-being of women.


But Shawana's impact extends beyond fashion. She's the heart and soul behind the empowering "Pretty Pearls and Clutches" fashion brunch, a testament to her commitment to cultivating sisterhood and championing women on their journey to success.


In a bold career move, Shawana obtained her Florida Realtor license in March 2022. Remarkably, within eight months, she achieved outstanding success, closing deals totaling an impressive $3.5 million. Shawana isn't just an overachiever; she's a goalbuster, a testament to her unwavering dedication.


Adding to her accolades, Shawana is the founder of BOBSJAX, an organization dedicated to supporting Black-owned businesses in the Northeast Florida market. Her group has over 11.6K members and it's expanding to reach Central and Northwest Florida to kick off for the 2024 BOBSJAX Northeast FL Expo. We are a community that connects & collaborates!


Her real estate philosophy goes beyond transactions: "Your future home is not just a destination; it's a journey we embark on together. Let's start that journey!" 🏡🚀


Connect with Shawana and dive into your real estate journey at Follow her inspiring journey on Instagram @shawanaboyer. 🌟🏡 #JacksonvilleRealtor #JaxRealtor #RealEstateJourney #BOBSJAXFounder

Social media under @shawanaboyer and @bobsjax

Shawana Boyer

Sylvia Nixon

I’m Sylvia, Motivational speaker, writer, coach and builder.


Our mission at Fierce N' Strong is to provide resources and support to women who want to live their best life. We believe that every woman has the potential to be fierce and strong, and we are here to help them reach their full potential.


Find out more about Sylvia at

Sylvia Nixon.HEIC
Tasha Glover.jpg

Tasha Glover

Hi, I'm Tasha, a wife of 14 years and a Mom to 3 kiddos. My husband Kenny and I pastor a local church in our hometown of Canton, MS.


My mandate is to restore authenticity and creativity back to the body of believers. I accomplish this in the marketplace through strategy, leading experiences, mentoring, and teaching. My heart is to usher God's sons and daughters into their own original experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit so they understand they can hear God, believe what they hear, and have a divine strategy to reach their destiny. I believe that God has called us to uniquely express Him and understanding our identity is the key to doing so.


I am the Creator of Brand with Grace and lead an online and in-person Identity Immersion Experience to help those called to lead progressively grow in understanding their mandate and messages. I’m Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified as a Business Strategist and I lead a team of spirit-led creatives over at Tech with Tasha, a Spirit-led branding and Kingdom Visibility Agency.


Find out more about Tasha at

@itstashaglover FB @brandwithgrace Instagaram


Nedra Ali

Nedra Ali, also known as The Digital Sistah, is a digital marketing expert with a deep-seated passion for empowering mompreneurs. With her extensive experience spanning over 15 years, Nedra specializes in social media coaching, management, and creating innovative digital content. Her approach, grounded in her background as a Data Analyst, is uniquely tailored to meet each client's needs, focusing on enhancing their digital media presence while maintaining a balance between work and family life. 

A distinctive aspect of Nedra's life is her dedication to mission trips around the world. These experiences reflect her commitment to giving back and staying strong in faith, a quality she shares with other mom entrepreneurs. Through her work, Nedra aims to support mompreneurs in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship while upholding their family values and spiritual beliefs.

For more information on Nedra's services and philosophy, you can explore her websites at and




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Sherell Slaise headshot.jpg

Sherell Slaise

Sherell Slaise is an entrepreneur who owns several businesses in online, network marketing, and real estate. She is a business mentor to 1000's of home-based business entrepreneurs supporting them in the industries where she dwells. Sherell’s authentic communication and inspirational messages of personal leadership creates strong connections with all who are mentored and led by her. These attributes have piloted her accomplishments in network marketing where she holds accolades as a top 1% rank, a 6-figure income earner, and she leads a community of over four thousand business owners seeking knowledge to grow an online audience and find the right people for their businesses. As the former owner of the largest certified minority and women- owned real estate business in Chicago, Sherell, continues to reside there with her husband and 3 school-aged children.

Find out more about Sherell at

Sherell Slaise

​Tyleyia Cassel

Hi my name is Tyleyia Cassel! I am 28! I was adopted at a young age to a nice family! I’ve been going to church since I was little. My faith struggled a lot in the church. I felt I never belonged, it was hard to understand how God just loves people and that He loved me! A couple of things kept leading me back to church. The most memorable study that Bethesda did was the 99 sheep story. Jesus will never leave us behind because we are all His children, that’s what I have kept in my mind! I had a lot of baggage and turmoil that I have dealt with. Music has always been a part of my life! I wouldn’t know how to cope without it. I am not even exaggerating on how music has helped and Is still helping me through life!

Find out more about Tyleyia sponsors at

Tyleyia Cassel.jpeg
Tyleyia Cassel
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